Working for the Weekend

Yesterday I, along with my good friends Dan and Steve, spent the day making music. I first read about the Immersion Composition Society and their “Twenty Song Game” quite a while ago (and even bought their book), but for some reason Dan decided to wait until right after I started a new job before he was willing to participate. Anyway, none of us ended up meeting the goal of twenty songs, but we all had fun and made some decent music. I had planned to record a bunch of improvisations and then remix and mash them up, but the idea was savaged by the apparent difficulty of beat-detection for cutting up the loops. Consequently, the improvisations have to stand by themselves:

  1. Rusted Rage
  2. Soul Chub
  3. Longing
  4. Macchiato
  5. Fish Cannon
  6. Nod
  7. Space Race
  8. Trapdoor
  9. Fireflies
  10. Dynasty

With my newfound appreciation for weekend, I also used Saturday to work on a project I started back in Kentucky. I finally got around to painting the pickguard and headstock of my $80 Bullet Strat.

Despite being more tired than I’ve been in quite some time, I’m happy with how I spent my weekend.