RPM ’07 Failed

February has come to an end, and with it my chance to complete the RPM ’07 Challenge. Despite my best efforts, I failed to record a whole album. However, I was working ambiguously alone, and I nevertheless did get quite a bit accomplished, at least in terms of learning. I may not have anything finished, but I’ve got quite a few nice starts. I suppose I should’ve devoted more time to this, but as always, I had my hands in too many projects (some of which I’ll detail in future posts), not to mention entertaining visiting friends, hanging out, etc. I thought I should go ahead and post what I have done so far. Perhaps some critiques at this stage in development will lead me in another direction in some of these experimental ideas.

These five aren’t the only things I did during February, but they are the least experimental, and, though I hate to admit, the most developed. I will certainly continue working on these, and record more for them.  I’ve written some lyrics for a few of them, and will record the singing as soon as I can compel my roommate to stop rearranging the basement mics every twenty minutes.